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About Us

In this fast revolving world, we buy everything online and get it delivered at our doorstep. This does include a wide range of mobile phones and laptops as well.

And on one unfortunate day, ouch... my mobile screen broke! My laptop's software got corrupted and all the data in it is at stake!

Haven't we all faced one such situation? Finding the right place to service your device; reaching the service provider; waiting for hours to get it done; quite a tedious task on your busy day right? Ever imagined if all this could be done in a single call? Here we are "Tringring", bringing services at your doorstep!

You can ask us to fetch your damaged device from your home or workplace. While you are managing your chores, we do our job of getting your damaged device, servicing it and delivering it back to you in the least time possible. We are sure to help you save your valuable time. Easy right? And all it takes is just a call!

How we Work!!

Is you phone broken? Ring Us.. Hw it works2
Hw it works2 We come to your door step and pick your mobile to our experienced service centers
Our experienced professionals fix the issue and prepares a detailed report on the issue Hw it works2
Hw it works2 We then deliver back you the mobile immediately at your convenient time


What we offer


We sell all Apple products. In addition to it we also sell a wide range of mobile phones and laptops. You can stop by our store to pick cool mobile covers and cases from our exclusive collection.

HardWare Issues

Replace broken display screens and all kinds of Hardware Issues for Mobiles and Laptops

Data Recovery

Recover data from both phones and laptops

Software Issue

All kinds of Software Issues

Specialized APPLE servicing

All Apple Products are serviced at a very cheap price

Quality & Time

our service team does everything without compromising on both quality and time!


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